Spearfishing Courses and Charters

Spearfishing Courses

All our courses feature a shore-based theory session, while the water-based practical is conducted from our secure and comfortable 6m coded RIB, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Spear Fisher Forager - SFF

Start your spearfishing journey here with our one day discovery and foraging.

Spear Fisher Level 1 - SF1

Embark on a spearfishing journey with our course, designed to provide you with a safe and confident start in the exciting world of spearfishing.

Spear Fisher Level 2 - SF2

Tailored for intermediate spearfishers, our course focuses on skill enhancement and building confidence in depths up to 16m.

Spear Fisher Level 3 - SF3

Designed for advanced spearfishers, this course is your gateway to elevating skills and venturing into deeper and exposed waters.

Spearfishing Charters

You already are a qualified spearfisherman or freediver.
This is for you. Our expert coaches will guide you for a day foraging & hunting.

Friends & Family Charter

Worry not if your family or friends have varying spearfishing experience! Join our charter day for up to 4 individuals, where we curate diverse locations to cater to all skill levels and ensure everyone enjoys the adventure together.


Spearfishing Foraging Charter Level 1- Coastal

Experience tranquility and the shelter of secret coves and reefs as you embark on a sustainable seafood adventure. Discover the finest catches, gathered in an eco-friendly manner, in depths of up to 8m.


Spearfishing Charter Level 2 - Inshore

Join us for a drifting adventure over our cherished reefs and wrecks, exploring depths of up to 15m for an unforgettable experience.


Spearfishing Charter Level 3 - Offshore

Embark on a thrilling journey to discover pristine offshore reefs, where you’ll gracefully glide to depths beyond 15m and hang on the ledge of underwater cliffs for an unparalleled experience.


Spearfishing Gift Card

Gift someone special the incredible experience of a spearfishing course! Purchase our voucher and share the thrill of underwater adventures with your loved ones!