Dive Terms & Conditions

Dive Terms and Conditions


If YOU cancel

Cancellation for any reason: Full deposit/course fee refund should be expected for cancelation 4 weeks before the course due date or free rescheduling.

Cancellation for any reason: No deposit refund for cancellations occurring within 4 weeks before the course due date. Rescheduling on a last minute basis could be agreed.

There can be NO refunds for anyone who decides not to complete a course whilst on the course.

If WE cancel

Cancellation due to weather conditions: No deposit refund should be expected but a free reschedule of the course will be offered and arranged.

Cancellation for any other reason a full course fee refund within 30 days or a free rescheduling (same season or following season)

Rescheduled course and charter

The cancellation policy does not apply on rescheduled courses and charters.


All courses and charters require the completion of a self medical declaration form, this is available on request before the purchase of any course.

Minimum requirements apply for each level. Please check the course details to see the minimum requirements to enter. Failure to fulfil them will lead to the loss of the full course fee.


Equalisation failure

Equalisation is a key point in spearfishing and we advise you to follow online courses to prepare for your course especially if you are attending SF2 and SF3. EQ failure will lead to not being able to complete the water based part of the course. We will offer a date you could join another course with another group.


Sea sickness

The water based element of your course is run from a boat and on open sea. Therefore the boat movement can not be controlled. If you are subject to motion/transport illnesses please take adequate measures prior or during the course. A premature return to shore will be organised. No partial or full refund will be made.



Deposits refundable under conditions (see: cancelation policy). By choosing to place a deposit you are agreeing to commit to the course, and we will have changed our sales schedule because of that. Sometimes we may have already used that deposit to pay for some element of your course/charter.


Moving dates

(Illness, bereavement, transport, changed your mind etc)
If you need to move your course more than 4 weeks before the course start date, and you do not want to accept the cancellation policy, we will move your dates free of charge.
Less than 4 weeks before the course start date It will be at our discretion and on our terms. We will not always be able to give you a date in advance, it may be 48 hrs before, as we will have already incurred costs for the date you could not attend and by booking you on to another course we will lose a space on that course (for which there are limited numbers). We may not be able to move the date and if we do it. it may not be during the current season.