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About The Frenchman Spearfishing Courses

The Frenchman Spearfishing (TFS) was established in 2018 and operates in the South West of England.

We aim to provide the highest level of courses for spearfishing, foraging, freediving and this summer we are opening the first and only spearfishing school in the UK.

Our training program is unique in the UK. It is a clear path to progress in your spearfishing freediving journey.

Relentless is our vessel and she is a 6 M Coded RIB. She is the perfect base to move around the coast line safely. We are a team of 2 coaches and 4 pilots.

Jack D
Jack D
One of the best spearfishing/freediving courses I’ve ever been on - Max has put together a lot of really high quality content, their gear is all top notch, and Sam who ran my course was a brilliant teacher and very patient. I’ll definitely be coming back for the next level.
I had the opportunity to attend one of Underwater Foraging UK’s lobster foraging courses recently, and boy was I impressed by the professionalism I experienced throughout the course. Sam spent the morning going through the detail of how best to approach lobster foraging, and it quickly became apparent that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing before this course 😂. The planning and detail required for a successful forage was extensive, but Sam explained this clearly and concisely. I was keen to put the mornings teachings in practice so we headed out in the afternoon on Max’s rib, to some of the surrounding areas. Gail force winds were predicted but Sam was in control of the rib at all times, he gave me a safety brief also whilst we were on board. Once we got to the location, we jumped in and started scouting the area for potential hot spots. Sam could have (I’m sure) very easily taken the lead and showed me the lobster holes, but like any good trainer he was ensuring that I was putting the theory into practice myself. We managed to find a brilliant 4 pound lobster that I took home, which I’m obviously very chuffed with. Can’t comment enough on the overall professionalism, safety and quality of the course. It’s honestly a real bargain given the amount of content provided!
Stuart Raffel
Stuart Raffel
I picked up a lot of useful tips from my course with Max, particularly duck diving technique, minimizing drag while descending, and safety rescue procedures, to name a few. All these small changes will hopefully give me slightly longer bottom times. Max put us on some cracking ground for fish, but sadly the fish did not want to play on the day. I would recommend doing a course with the Frenchman, he has so much knowledge available to pass on.
Niall Ingham
Niall Ingham
Fantastic experience. Max and Sam were true professionals, great instructors/hosts and made the whole experience very relaxing and truly amazing. It went above my expectations which were already very high!
Chris Mcclurg
Chris Mcclurg
Great course , max is a legend , challenging , informative , professional. We were total first time spearos with very little under water experience. Max is patient , constructive and hugely knowledgeable which helps you remain relaxed and progress. Shot my first fish 🐟. Can’t wait to come back after some more hours at depth .
antonio mineo
antonio mineo
I recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in a one to one spear fishing class with Max, AKA the Frenchman, and I can't stop raving about the experience! From start to finish, it was an adventure that exceeded all my expectations. The instructor is not only skilled and knowledgeable in spear fishing techniques and all diving activities, but you really can feel the true true passion for the sport. The first part of the course is theory about human body and its behaviour under the water, then we reviewed equipment, safety protocols, and underwater tactics. What truly set this class apart was the emphasis on sustainable and responsible fishing practices. The instructor stressed the importance of respecting marine life and ecosystems, which gave the experience an added layer of depth. The real focus of the course though is safety, all safety procedures and how paramount is diving with a buddy. The practical sessions in the water started with a few safety manoeuvres, for yourself and how to provide first aid to your buddy in the event that he blacks out. And I am sure I will take these with me for the rest of my life. The feeling of successfully spearing a target was an incredible rush, and the instructors' feedback helped me refine my technique throughout the class. The class struck a perfect balance between learning and enjoyment. I had plenty of opportunities to ask questions, share stories and so increase my knowledge of the underwater world. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend this spear fishing class to anyone who's looking to start spearfishing and also to more experienced divers. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, Max will tailor the experience to your skill level. Be prepared to learn, laugh, and leave with memories that will last a lifetime. I can't wait to continue practicing what I've learned and exploring more of this amazing sport!
John Bright
John Bright
Absolutely incredible experience and one that i will remember for many years. Sam was extremely thorough with his training both in the classroom and in the field and it is incredible what a difference the right education and training makes. Also really focused on the safety aspect and above all, we had a blast. Thanks again and well done - Pure class!
Ben Reed
Ben Reed
Excellent course with a balance of theory and real life experience. great team and brilliant tips and ideas. Well worth the price would highly recommend. Sam the bearded Speero is a legend. Good to meet Max too. Thanks guys.
Ben Kidd
Ben Kidd
Great day with max learning on the 1on1 course very patient and learning at my pace would definitely recommend any budding spearos to increase skill and safety practices
James Maxted
James Maxted
Had a fantastic time with Max and Sam doing the SF2 course. Max not only has a huge amount of knowledge and experience (knew exactly where the big bass were), but he's a frothing spearo and was genuinely excited to see me shoot some great fish. Learnt a lot about diving safely, came away with some huge bass and got some great lobster foraging tips off Sam too!

Our Team

You’re in safe hands with this team.

The Owner

Maxime Blondel, has 25 years of spearfishing experience. He has travelled the world and fished in almost all oceans and seas. He was part of the French elite team of underwater hockey (from 2009 to 2017) and world champion in 2009 and 2013.

Since 2020, he is the Chairman of the Exe Spearfishing Club and promotes a safe and sustainable development of the sport.

He is a trained commercial diver and NMC registered nurse with extensive experience in emergency and intensive care.

He has a RYA powerboat licence commercially endorsed and he has completed the RYA Yachtmaster course.

He has created the first spearfishing training program with a certification plan.

The Coaches

Maxime has trained all the spearfishing coaches himself to ensure the highest quality when they deliver the courses. See who’s on the team HERE.

The Pilots

The team of pilots is composed of women and men who have completed their RYA powerboat courses and the necessary side courses (VHF, Sea survival, first Aid,…) to be commercially endorsed.

Courses we offer

Spearfishing Courses

Join us at the spearfishing school and follow our training program.
We insure your safe progression while spearfishing and freediving.

Spearfishing Charter

You already are a qualified spearfisherman or freediver.
This is for you.
Our expert spearfisherman will guide you for a day hunting.

One to One

You wish to make your day very special.
Spend the day with our coach for a tailored spearfishing and freediving course.

Spearfishing Gift Card

Gift someone special the incredible experience of a spearfishing course! Purchase our voucher and share the thrill of underwater adventures with your loved ones!

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